Student Life

Life at Kenwood - By: Kathy, 4th Grade

To be a student at Kenwood School is awesome! I just love to play. My favorite teachers are Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Hall, and Mr. Justin. I love being at Kenwood, the teachers are very nice.

My favorite days of the year are field day, the hundredth day of school, and the last day of school. On field day we do awesome things like running, shooting hoops, sit ups, push ups, dolly races, and sack races. On the hundredth day of school we do one hundred of something. I once brought one hundred crayons.

At Kenwood we learn Computers, PE, Spanish, Music, Math, Spelling, Social Studies, Writing, and not to be sassy. To be a student at Kenwood is the best thing in my life. I can't believe that I have to leave for sixth grade. It will be really weird to go to Poe and not know anyone. I've been on Kenwood's hill for more than five years. Yikes! that's a lot of years. I love going to Kenwood.

Kenwood School - By: Becca, 5th Grade

At Kenwood you can learn, do, and enjoy a lot. Although the teachers are very nice they still teach us a lot. In Math they teach you multiplying, dividing, long division, etc. In Science, the teachers teach you about chemistry, about the body, and much more in science. You can learn a lot at Kenwood.

The teachers usually give us an extra recess (which is awesome) about thirty extra minutes. Outside, the teachers play around with you. It is very fun at Kenwood. What I enjoy is learning. I have a great education in Math so that is why I enjoy it.

We have many activities at Kenwood. For example, we do Spanish, P.E., Music, and Computers. The fun activities are field day, Valentine's Day parties, St. Patrick's Day parties, and much more fun. At school you can bring in things for the parties. Then during lunch you can eat and have a party and eat party food.

All the subjects are: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Spelling. The whole week you work on each subject. Like, for spelling you do definitions, sentences, and pyramids with the words. Then on Fridays you do the test.

At the end of the year the teachers start reviewing and teaching you more. Most of the time you get to very much enjoy your last few weeks at Kenwood. We hope you enjoyed your stay at Kenwood School!

Student Life - By: Max, 5th Grade

Kenwood School is no ordinary school. It is the super mega ultra best school ever! If I were to pick the United States' best school, I would pick Kenwood. Now, let's get onto the best things about Kenwood.

The teachers here at Kenwood School are the best. Each one has their own recipe for success in a classroom, as well as their own specific goals for success. There are also certain textbooks that the teachers prefer to use. For example, the 5th-6th grade teachers would use thicker and more detailed books, while Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers would use less detailed books, but that doesn't matter.

While there is limited space and room for the "dream of the century", Kenwood has enough space to support useful objects in a class. There are very small classes which can lead to success in knowledge because there are less distractions. There can be so little kids in a grade that classes can share grades, like 5th and 6th grades together.

In Kenwood School, classes have the same subjects. They are: Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, History, Writing, and Vocabulary. Personally, my favorite subjects are Science and Math. Each teacher has their own schedule for subjects. Some days we don't have certain subjects, but other times, we do.

There are four special classes at Kenwood are Computers, Gym (my favorites), Music, and Spanish. The special classes all have their own success rates. The teachers are very nice and they teach great things.

The teachers at Kenwood are very nice and with their help, we can become the best students in the world. In my opinion, being here is the greatest thing I can ever accomplish. Great job teachers! You guys are the best people I'll ever meet.