Our philosophy is that small classes combined with the best teachers will create an environment that will help each child reach their highest potential. We have an open door policy which welcomes you to meet with our teachers or observe the classroom at any time. You will be greeted each day by your child’s teacher and will meet the other children from the class.

Our goal is to maintain a comforting environment for which best stimulates learning. The lessons and activities are fun so the children actually enjoy being in school. We help each child to work at their own page; our accelerated curriculum maintains a challenging environment; yet if a child is struggling, we work with them to find the best method for them to learn and to help them excel.

Kenwood School is dedicated to educational excellence, individual achievement,and social development of each student. With small classes, a fine faculty of dedicated teachers, and an exciting curriculum, Kenwood School offers a favorable climate for learning. Each student's intellectual growth, personal self-discipline, social values, and emotional maturity are the result of a school philosophy that emphasizes a joy and love of learning.

All school experiences at Kenwood are challenging and exciting. Small classes provide opportunities for students to work to their highest potential. Individual progress is carefully guided to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Our strong academic environment fosters a solid foundation of skills and study habits necessary for future success.

  • Our goal is to:
  • Develop and encourage the personal and intellectual growth of each child;
  • Have an attractive environment where children can learn and grow;
  • Have a challenging program with age-appropriate materials;
  • Have outstanding teachers that foster a good relationship with each other, the students, and parents;
  • Take field trips that enhance the school curriculum;
  • Encourage good citizenship, personal responsibility, self-discipline, and respect for others; Sustain a partnership between school and home in the education of the children;
  • Discover and encourage each child's special gifts and contributions.