Kenwood School was established in 1957 and therefore has many alumni in every stage of their life and career. Everyone has fond memories of their time at Kenwood and this is where we would like to gather many of those memories to share. Please contact us with any photos, memories, or stories you would like to share.

After setting up a page on Facebook we have come back in touch with many former students and are so excited to hear their stories. Some of their memories are below.

I went to Grasshopper Green in the early 70's. It was a wonderful place to go. Great memories. And I'm so happy to see the school is still around. - Erin Wefel
I attended Grasshopper Green from 1980-82. Mostly I remember recess and music (recorders, etc.). All I can say is it definitely had a positive vibe and was a lot of fun. - Steven Bercik
I went to the school and the camp for as long as I could! My favorite place was always the meadow! I remember always being one of the last ones picked up in the evening because both my parents worked and could barely get there by 6:00. So, I would wait in the office with Mrs. Frasier. I absolutely loved camp! I remember Mr. Glen and Ms. Gail and Ms. Sharon as well. Also Ms. Peggy! I kept in touch with Glen for awhile and the last time I saw him was about 5 years ago. He's still local. I haven't seen Gail since a little after highschool but I have a friend who keeps in touch with her. I saw Sharon a few times in highschool and babysat for her a couple times too! I also remember Kings Dominion as well as trips around Lake Accotink in the dead of summer! I hated those! I even worked with Mrs. Graff for a short time in the late 80's! - Monica Stockton